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I’m a typical coffee loving book hoarder. I suppose you could slot me in as a genre reader, as I read mostly fantasy romance and rarely stray from my comfort zone. I NEED my happy ever afters, but I don’t mind working for them, the angst is part of the thrill. On the odd occasion that I do leave romance behind – it would need to be an epic fantasy! I’m a very character driven reader. My reviews mostly detail how a book makes me feel. I’m choosing not to post reviews for books I didn’t enjoy – so if there is a review on my blog it means I loved the book. It is not unusual for me to swoon over a new book boyfriend each week, I’m really that fickle.


I’d love to hear your feedback on my reviews, or if you have suggestions for a book you’d think I’d love please let me know in the comments or track me down elsewhere here

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