Fairyloot September 2021

Just incase it’s not obvious – this post will be a spoiler for anyone who has not received their September Fairyloot box yet.

September 2021 Theme is Uprising

Details from the spoiler card *to jump straight to the item you’re interested in click their links*

Looking for a new home for your library card? Look no further! Your new card holder designed by Jezhawk (link to Instagram page), is inspired by our exclusive cover of The Prison Healer by Lynette Noni!

In preparation for peak sock season, we’re delighted to include this beautiful pair inspired by Six Crimson Cranes by Elizabeth Lim, with cute little crane details by the amazing catarinabookdesigns (link to Instagram page).

Decorate your new reading space with your new tapestry inspired by Daughter of Smoke and Bone by Laini Taylor, staring Karou and Akiva locked in a starry embrace. The stunning artwork is by the one and only sallteas (link to Instagram page).

We absolutely had to include an enamel pin inspired by one of our favourite series, An Ember in the Ashes by Sabaa Tahir. It was designed by the amazing Jezhawk (link to Instagram page).

Your eyes do not deceive you, there are, once again, two books in your box – score! Your special edition of Beasts of Prey by Ayana Gray comes with an exclusive cover and a digital signature! In this stunning pan-African inspired fantasy, fate binds two teenagers together as they strike a dangerous alliance to hunt down the ancient creature menacing their home.

This month’s collectable tarot cards are the Three & Four of Pentacles. They are designed by morgana0anagrom (link to Instagram page) and feature Jacks and the Fallen Star from the Caraval series by Stephanie Garber

Our featured book of the month is Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer. A richly imagined fantasy novel centred around the balances of power, elixir magic and the overthrowing of a corruption kingdom, this is a book that will definitely keep you hooked! Your Fairyloot exclusive edition has an exclusive cover, sprayed edges, foil on the case, artwork on the reverse of the dust jacket by lizzart_zardonicz (link to Instagram page) a ribbon bookmark and is signed by the author. As always be sure to check the author letter and the Beautiful artwork on the reverse side also by lizzart_zardonicz

Card Holder

This is such a useful item! I rarely use cash when I’m out and about. Its compact and fits in my coat pocket – so no need for a bag on those days I’d like to leave with minimum effort. I love purple, so this goes with a few of my outfits too.

Six Crimson Cranes Inspired Socks

These are super cute pastel colour socks. I don’t have the book unfortunately, but these match the cover aesthetic. Always handy to have plenty of socks.

Daughter of Smoke and Bone Inspired Tapestry

Again, unfortunately I haven’t read the book. It has been on my TBR for a while though. I do love purple, so I can make this work in my reading room. I’ll probably hang it so that it falls along the back of my reading chair or down the side of my bookshelves. I love this artist and glad I finally have something created by them!

An Ember in the Ashes Inspired Enamel Pin

Hmm. This is another book that has been on my TBR (it is never ending). I’m a collector of book pins and this pin will have a place amongst my collection!

Beasts of Prey by Ayana Gray

Wow. This cover is stunning. The original cover is lovely too from what I’ve seen online, but this cover really pops. I can’t wait to read it! It’s out in February 2022!


Magic doesn’t exist in the broken city of Lkossa anymore, especially for girls like sixteen-year-old Koffi. Indentured to the notorious Night Zoo, she cares for its fearsome mythical creatures to pay off her family’s debts. But when they are threatened by the Zoo’s cruel master, Koffi unleashes a power she doesn’t fully understand.

As the son of a decorated hero, Ekon destined to become an elite warrior. Until a fire at the Night Zoo upends his future and, on the brink of his final rite of passage, Ekon is cast out – his reputation left in tatters.

For Koffi and Ekon, the outlook is bleak – unless they can capture the Shetani, the vicious monster that plagues their city. As Koffi and Ekon enter the Greater Jungle, a world steeped in wild magic and danger, the tentative alliance between them is tested to the extreme.

The hunt begins – but are they the hunters or the hunted?

Publisher: Penguin Published date: 03/02/2022

Author’s Website: https://www.ayanagray.com/

Three & Four of Pentacles Tarot Cards

These are currently Fairloot’ collectable items. The art is fab!

Defy the Night by Brigid Kemmerer

Remember when I said I loved purple? This book is a dream! Look at the sprayed edges!


A spark of rebellion is all it takes to DEFY THE NIGHT.

In a kingdom where sickness stalks the streets and only the richest can afford a cure, King Harristan and his brother Prince Corrick are forced to rule with an iron fist.

Tessa Cade is a masked outlaw marked for death, but she likes it that way. Together with the mysterious, handsome Weston, she robs from the rich to help the poor, distributing food and medicine to those who need it most.

As it becomes clear that the only way to save her people is to assassinate the King, Tessa must face a deadly mission that will take her to the dark heart of the kingdom . and force her to work with the very people she intended to destroy.

Publisher: Bloomsbyry YA Published Date: 14/09/2021

Author’s Website: https://brigidkemmerer.com/

Overall this was a lovely box – especially for purple loving lil ol’ me. Each item can be used and the books are ridiculously stunning and I can’t wait to add them to my shelves! Are you subscribed to any book boxes? Which one is your favourite?


I have been on the waitlist for Fairloot for a while now and I actually managed to purchase this box from a private seller on Facebook for retail. I have also recently come off the wait list for Illumicrate, so future boxes will be Illumicrate until I move up the Fairyloot wait list! Both boxes are about to start an Adult Book only option in the new year and I’m so excited for that!

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