Book Review: Red Rising by Pierce Brown


Darrow is a Helldiver. A pioneer of Mars.

Born to slave beneath the earth so that one day, future generations might live above it.

He is a Red – humankind’s lowest caste. But he has something the Golds – the ruthless ruling class – will never understand.

He has a wife he worships, a family who give him strength. He has love.

And when they take that from him, all that remains is revenge . . .

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This is a tricky one to review. I loved the book, but found myself more invested in the side characters than Darrow – the main character.

He was arrogant to the point that my eyes were rolling.

“See. That’s what I don’t get. If I am a good man, then why do I want to do bad things?”

Yet, as the story developed, (his ability to be brilliant at everything aside), his demeanor crumbled and allowed his vulnerability and conflicting empathy towards everyone shine through. It made me realise he’s quite a complex character. I feel like this is the first decent morally grey character I’ve read in a long time.

This book has a brutal way of getting its point across. The author doesn’t shy away from the brutality of war and it can be easy to forget that these characters are 17 – 18 years old. 

My favourite of these characters is Sevro!

“He likes his curved knives too much. I think he whispers to them.”

He gets his hands dirty more than once and shadows Darrow to the point of my frustration (I’m certain he could slit his throat in the middle of the night). Yet, he seems to be the most loyal and quite frankly disturbing friend Darrow could hope for. I honestly don’t know if Darrow deserves him.

And I guess that’s the point? The good guy doesn’t *feel* like a good guy. There is so much to digest and so many ripple affects to everyone’s actions and how they react in the aftermath. Nothing is cut and dry.

Those that loved The Hunger Games will enjoy Red Rising. The opening felt a little slow for me, but looking back, it was the perfect set up for what was to come. The world building is very complex and it was only a brief glimpse in the first book. I know it is the foundation of an epic series.

My conflicted issues with Darrow aside – the last few chapters were brilliant. I couldn’t put my kindle down once the final wheel was in motion! I can’t wait to start the next book – even if I hear it is even more brutal than the first!!

Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton Published Date: 28/1/2014

Author’s Website:

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