Illumicrate December 2021

If it’s not obvious this post will be a spoiler for anyone who has not received their December Illumicrate box yet.

December 2021 Box Theme is Cursed

Firebird Pin Banner

Designed by Abigail Spence (@ aspenceart Instagram)

Display your enamel pin collection on this pin banner inspired by Girl, Serpent, Thorn.

I love collecting pins, so one can never have enough pin banners. Alas, Illumicrate will no longer be featuring their monthly book pin after this month, I believe?

Survive This World Bookmark Tin

Designed by: Chattynora (@ Chattynora on Instagram)

Our officially licensed Ninth House bookmark tin features one of our favourite quotes from the book.

I do hoard a ridiculous amount of stationary, so I can make use of this! If I didn’t keep this for myself, this could also make a cool stocking filler for someone. I’ve yet to read Ninth House – the quote is very intriguing (the book has been on my shelf for a while now).

Nevermoor Sticker Sheet

Artwork by: Moehrenkunst (@ Moehrenkunstshop on Instagram)

Decorate your journal with these cute stickers inspired by Nevermoor

My least favourite item from this month’s box. Whilst the stickers are fun, they’re not something I have any use for and will probably end up in the little one’s craft box.

Starcrossed Lovers Calender

Artwork by: Sallteas & Frostbite Studios (@ Sallteas and @ Frostbite.studios on Instagram) Designed by: Chattynora ( @ Chattynora on Instagram)

This 2022 calendar features favourite fictional star-crossed couples.

Sneak Peek at January’s couple

This is a very useful item, I believe Fairyloot and Illumicrate usually include a calendar towards the end of the year. Sallteas is one of my fave artists, so I’m happy that I have a calendar with lots of their art. The couples are diverse throughout too!

The Road Through Midnight Mug

Artwork by: Rosiethorns88 (@ Rosiethorns88 on Instagram)

Our latest mug features a papercraft design by Rosie inspired by The Winternight Trilogy, perfect for this time of year.

I’ve always loved Rosie’s mugs and I absolutely adore The Bear and the Nightingale – so this is my favourite item in this month’s box! What do you do with your mugs if you collect?

Monthly Collectors Pin

Designed by: Stacey McEvoy-Caunt (@ Stacey.mcevoy.caunt on Instagram

Inspired by the magic Edwin performs in the book.

Alas, the pins are coming to an end for Illumicrate. Following customer feedback and the increase of cost to produce them. It’s a shame, but ultimately, I understand. I’ve always loved that their pins match the featured book. The silver lining is that if/when they do include a pin from now on, they should be awesome.

Featured Book: A Marvellous Light by Freya Marske


Young baronet Robin Blyth thought he was taking up a minor governmental post. However, he’s actually been appointed parliamentary liaison to a secret magical society. If it weren’t for this administrative error, he’d never have discovered the incredible magic underlying his world.

Cursed by mysterious attackers and plagued by visions, Robin becomes determined to drag answers from his missing predecessor – but he’ll need the help of Edwin Courcey, his hostile magical-society counterpart. Unwillingly thrown together, Robin and Edwin will discover a plot that threatens every magician in the British Isles.

Illumicrate Edition features:

Exclusive cover with a transparent overlay jacket. Digitally printed edges and is signed by the author.

Publisher: Tor Published date: 9th December 2021

Author’s Website:

Oh wow, look at the edges! This is a beautiful book and the story sounds great too! Do you display your sprayed or stencilled edges on your book shelves?


The mug and this month’s book are beautiful, and I’m glad I received the box for those items alone. However,  following November’s  awesome box, December’s is a little underwhelming. The monthly pins are coming to an end, and this was a result of customer feedback. I think it’s great that Illumicrate take action on their feedback and also enable the boxes to stay at an affordable price. I mostly subscribe because I love the quality of books and the occasional bookish item. That said, some items I just don’t have use for and they end up stuffed in a drawer or re-gifted where possible. That’s not to say the items aren’t well thought out and cater to as many readers as possible, but for me, I might just go for the book only subs down the line.

Do you subscribe to a book box?

What do you think of this one?

For more information on Illumicrate visit their website:

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3 thoughts on “Illumicrate December 2021

  1. Oh WOW, I love this month’s Illumicrate. So many pretty items + a book I really would love to read! 😍 No booksubscriptions for me, wayyy to expensive to get them to my country (shipping + VAT with possible customs).

    Liked by 1 person

    1. The book is so pretty😍
      I’ve seen there is a huge issue with customs and VAT for international shipping at the mo, especially because of Brexit in the UK. It’s a shame that some book boxes don’t have overseas distributors.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. It is! I want it!
        Yeah, there is a lot of things going on at the moment and nothing good and Brexit is the worst. Now I really have to be careful when I buy something from the UK (or any non-Europe country), already had it happening on Etsy that I paid VAT, but the seller forgot to add that somewhere and I had to pay again (along with extra) to my postal service and I am now waiting for Etsy to help me out. 😐 It is a shame indeed, I would so buy a book box in a heart beat if they had distributors here.

        Liked by 1 person

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