January 2022 Wrap Up

Full confession: I’ve read three books in January and only one of them was from my Beat The Backlog TBR.

First up, we have:

Forged In Fire by Juliette Cross

Image of new cover for re-release of Forged In Fire by Juliette Cross

I’ve recently signed up to Juliette Cross’ arc group as I’ve loved everything I’ve read of hers to date!

Forged In Fire has received a revamp and is being re-released tomorrow (1st February 2022)


She didn’t know the demon world existed. Now she just wants to survive it.

Genevieve Drake has never been the helpless kind of girl. Never needed a man to come to her rescue. That is, not until her twentieth birthday when some dude nearly chokes her to death in an alley and a hot stranger splits the guy in half, rips a monster from inside, and incinerates it into ash.

The hot guy? Jude Delacroix—Master of Demons. Now her guardian, whether she likes it or not. But she’s seriously beginning to like it.

The dude choking her? One of many demons from the underworld trying to abduct or kill her. As the prime target of the demon prince, Danté, who has all kinds of lascivious and sadistic plans, she has no problem accepting Jude’s protection.

Why Genevieve? She’s a Vessel, one who is born to serve the Light but can be corrupted and used as a weapon for darkness. Until that fateful night, she had no idea this world even existed. Now, she just wants to survive it.

Publisher: Juliette Cross Publishing LLC Published date: 1st February 2022.

Author’s Website: https://www.juliettecross.com/


I was granted a digital arc of this book as part of the re-release of The Vessel series for an honest review.

One of the first things I realised when I started this book, is that it would be much darker than the other books (Stay a Spell Series) I’ve read by Juliette Cross. So make sure you check out the trigger warnings.

Although much darker, it had the familiar pacing and style that I loved from The Stay a Spell Series.

Gen, grows on you. She develops and matures as the story unfolds and it will be interesting to see how her character develops in the rest of the series. I can’t wait for her to become more in tune with her VS.

Jude, the perfect broody love interest. He’s extremely protective and a complete puppy dog – he just won’t admit it! There are still some unanswered questions about him and   there is definitely more to him than what he has revealed so far.

The slow burn between these two is so satisfying because their chemistry is super hot.

I’m usually character driven, but the world building in this book hooked me in. I love the Heaven and Hell aspect, and the Soul Collectors are so intriguing – I know they’re supposed to be creepy, but I love em.

Also – I’m here for Kat and George. Whatever is going down with those two, I hope we find out!

My favourite quote from this book:

“I don’t mind bearing a small burden of hell, since it’s giving me another chance at heaven.”

Jude – Forged In Fire

Told you he was a puppy dog!

Overall, this is a great start to the series. It flows really well and made this a really quick read. It wraps up nicely but also promises much more for the rest of the series.

This book is currently $.99 (77p) on Amazon until 5th February!

What the Fang by Stacey Kennedy (Undead Ever After #1)

Cover of What the Fang by Stacey Kennedy


Willa Farrington’s magic is broken. Shunned by her coven for failing to pass the Summer Solstice Rite, Willa escapes to the one place no witch belongs – Charleston, a city that belongs to vampires. Determined to embrace her new life, Willa opens Cauldron Boil Books, and unexpectedly finds some friends among the vampires…

Until one terrible night Willa ends up on the wrong side of a pair of fangs. Thankfully, her captor’s plan is ruined when Killian Constantine, the drop-dead gorgeous Warden of Charleston, shows up to save her. But just when Willa thinks she’s safe, Killian, rumored to be the most feared vampire in the city, furiously demands to know why she – a witch – telepathically called him for help.

Intent on finding answers, the two embark on a journey to unravel the mystery behind Willa’s attack and their unusual connection. As they get closer to the truth, the fiery passion between them ignites. But their forbidden romance isn’t making them many friends, and just as Willa starts to think that her entire existence is a lie, deadlier forces come out of the shadows. She will need to believe in her malfunctioning magic, trust bloodthirsty vampires, and cross her fingers that she and Killian make it out together… and that neither end up dead.

Publisher: Self Published Published: 25th January 2022

Author’s Website: https://www.staceykennedy.com/what-the-fang/


I received a copy from Netgalley for an honest review.

This was a fun and entertaining read.

A fast paced page turner that also packs some steam. I flew through this book!

Willa and Killian were instantly likeable, which is good considering the pace of the story.

A HFN ending and although part of a series, everything has been tied up nicely and no cliff hanger to leave you pining for the next installment.

And… not forgetting – pet dragon?!

I always refer to these types of books as my quick kindle romance fixes. They’re perfect to read inbetween heavier books, but I could honestly read them back to back if I had the time!

Death by Laura Thalassa

Cover for Death by Laura Thalassa


He’s known by many names: Thanatos. Horseman. God’s last angel. And then, of course, there’s the one I’m all too familiar with—


The day Death comes to Lazarus Gaumond’s town and kills everyone in one fell swoop, the last thing he expects to see is a woman left alive and standing. But Lazarus has her own extraordinary gift: she cannot be killed—not by humans, not by the elements, not by Death himself.

She is the one soul Death doesn’t recognize. The one soul he cannot pry free from her flesh. Nor can he ignore the unsettling desire he has for her. Take her. He wants to, desperately. And the longer she tries to stop him from his killing spree, the stronger the desire becomes.

When Lazarus crosses paths with the three other horsemen, an unthinkable situation leads to a terrible deal: seduce Death, save the world. A hopeless task, made all the worse by the bad blood between her and Thanatos. But Death’s attraction to her is undeniable, and try though she might, Lazarus cannot stay away from that ancient, beautiful being and his dark embrace.

The end is here. Humankind is set to perish, and not even the horsemen can stop Death from fulfilling his final task.

Only Lazarus can.

Publisher: Lavabrook Publishing, LLC Published date: 11th November 2021

Author’s Website: http://www.laurathalassa.com/?m=1


Death is the final installment of Laura Thalassa’s Horsemen of the Apocalypse series and if you follow me on Instagram- you’ll know that this has been an anticipated read of mine for a while.

This is a brief review for my wrap up and I’ll be posting a full review soon!

Laz and Death play cat and mouse for the best part of this book.

The slow burn is as brutal as their actions towards each other.

Expect brotherly banter when the rest of the Horsemen make an appearance.

I’m still reeling from the PERFECT ending. Full review here.

This has been a great reading month for me. There was once a time I could read a book in a day whenever I wanted, but I also suffered from reading burn out often. I’ve actually found reading a book over a few days to a week much more gratifying.

Let me know if you’ve read any of these, and what you’ve read this month!

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