February 2022 Wrap Up

February started off with one of the best books I’ve read in a long time, but it also had a few DNFs tucked away in there too. You would think that a four day power cut would have bumped my reading numbers up, but I also had to entertain an 8 month old by candle light. Once we found a hotel, we killed time together as a family and in my down time I chose to read my old faithful Kindle Unlimited romance.

First up, we have:

Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

Paperback edition of Legendborn by Tracy Deonn

I loved this book. Here is my full gushing review.

An incredible YA contemporary fantasy.

That Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon by Kimberly Lemming

Kindle edition of The Time I Got Drunk and Saved a Demon by Kimberly Lemming


All I wanted to do was live my life in peace. Maybe get a cat, expand my spice farm. Really anything that doesn’t involve going on a quest where an orc might rip my face off. But they say the Goddess has favorites. If so, I’m clearly not one of them.
After saving the demon Fallon in a wine-drunk stupor, all he wanted to do was kill an evil witch enslaving his people.
I mean, I get it, don’t get me wrong. But he’s dragging me along for the ride, and I’m kind of peeved about it. On the bright side, he keeps burning off his shirt.

Publisher: self published Published: 22nd July 2021

Author’s Website: https://www.kimberlylemming.com/


A comedy romance that actually made me laugh out loud!

I feel like this is a book people will either love or just not vibe with. The use of modern day language in this particular fantasy setting can be a little jarring. However, once I fell into the story and settled into the plot, the language didn’t bother me, in fact, without Cin’s inner monologue this book wouldn’t be as funny or entertaining.

Cinnamon (Cin) is hilarious. Often without intending to be.

Fallon is quite charming considering he’s a demon and it’s hard not to feel the spark between him and Cin from the first moment he appears.

This book packs some steam and overall is a really entertaining romance.

The Unseelie Prince by Kathryn Ann Kingsley

Kindle edition of The Unseelie Prince by Kathryn Ann Kingsley


The throne is Valroy’s for the taking…but first, he needs a queen.

As the son of the Morrigan and heir to the vacant Unseelie throne, Valroy itches to shed the mantle of prince and take his place as King. To his great regret one ancient tradition stands in his way, demanding he first take a bride. With all the members of the Unseelie court proving to be insufferable, what is a prince to do?

Steal a human, of course.

Abigail often wonders if the townsfolk aren’t right in calling her cursed. Abandoned by her husband and with no family to call her own, everything in her life hangs by a thread. Never did she expect her downfall would come by taking pity on an old hermit. Abducted into the dangerous world of Tir n’Aill, Abigail is thrust into a terrifying Maze that defies all logic. There, she finds herself at the mercy of an Unseelie prince with a strange offer—solve his Maze and he’ll grant her deepest wish…

If she can live that long.

Content Warnings (these are ones that stood out for me, I may have missed some, please read with caution)

Gore, threat of sexual abuse, assault, very graphic violence (towards child), dubious consent, death, genocide, kidnap, toxic relationship, emotional abuse and infertility.

Please note (author’s warning): This is a dark fantasy horror series with a love story. This series contains scenes of graphic violence. It is a slow-burn romance between the monstrous villain and the main character over the course of four books. My fae do not pull punches, and my Unseelie are not kind.

Publisher: self published Published date: 3rd October 2021

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Author’s Website: https://www.kathrynkingsley.com/


This is a dark romance, if you’re expecting a swoony love story, you won’t find it in this.

I picked it up, as I’m a fan of *some* dark romance (Laura Thalassa’s Horsemen Series).

This was more along the lines of Land of the Beautiful Dead by R. Lee Smith, as in, it packs a punch, leaves you feeling almost hopeless because the antagonist has no redeeming qualities. Yet, you can’t stop turning the pages to torture yourself with the prospect of a glimmer of *something* from Valroy.

Even reading from his perspective it’s hard to believe that this could ever be a romance.

There was a particular scene that made me very uncomfortable, and although explained a little later – I debated on whether to finish the book or not.

That isn’t a reflection on the writing, more on what I find enjoyable to read and my own wellbeing. So please, read the content warnings.

I read to the end and that glimmer of hope finally glowed in the darkness… right at the very end. It does end on a cliff hanger and thankfully all books in the series are now out *I think the final one comes out in February or March. The ending was enough to make me pick up the second book. I write this mini review for the first (having also read the second) and I found the second book much more enjoyable.

The Unseelie Crown by Kathryn Ann Kingsley

Kindle Edition of The Unseelie Crown by Kathryn Ann Kingsley


The gods brought her back. But was it to stop Valroy, or to become his queen?

Valroy will let nothing block his path to the Unseelie Crown. And he is willing to stop at nothing to see both Tir n’Aill and Earth as his dominion…and crushing the self-righteous Seelie beneath his bootheels.

He had wished for Abigail to stand beside him as his queen, but that went terribly wrong when she chose death over becoming his bride. It was a setback, certainly, but not one he could not overcome.

Yet despite being wrenched from the song of life, Abigail returns to Tir n’Aill, only to be hunted by both Seelie and Unseelie alike. She does not know why she was returned or for what purpose, but it was clear that two paths lay before her.

Is she to become Valroy’s enemy, or to allow him to make her his queen in chains?


As mentioned in the previous book above, please check out the content warnings and read with caution.

This book was much more enjoyable because it finally felt like you could root for the characters.

Valroy finally understands that what he feels for Abigail is love! His twisted version of it anyway.

I’m under no illusion about the harshness of this story, but it felt like the stakes weren’t quite high enough in this installment, so I have a sense of trepidation for the third book.

In terms of character development, I’m on the fence about Abigail. Her potential is just out of reach so I have high hopes for the next book.

Publisher: self published Published date: 7th November 2021

Available on Kindle Unlimited

Let me know if you’ve read any of these, and what you’ve read this month!

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One thought on “February 2022 Wrap Up

  1. Yeees, I LOVED Legendborn when I read it last year! I’m super excited for the sequel! I had a super slow reading month because my mental health wasn’t doing so well and I spent most of my time watching Critical Role and playing Animal Crossing, but I did read two great books! One was Tarot for Change by Jessica Dore and the other Bluebird by Ciel Pierlot. I hope you have a wonderful March ✨


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