A Little About Me

My office space

I’m a typical coffee loving book hoarder. I suppose you could slot me in as a genre reader, as I read mostly fantasy romance and rarely stray from my comfort zone. I NEED my happy ever afters, but I don’t mind working for them, the angst is part of the thrill. On the odd occasion that I do leave romance behind – it would need to be an epic fantasy! I’m a very character driven reader. My reviews mostly detail how a book makes me feel. I’m choosing not to post reviews for books I didn’t enjoy – so if there is a review on my blog it means I loved the book. It is not unusual for me to swoon over a new book boyfriend each week, I’m really that fickle.

I’m incredibly lucky to live on the Cornish Coast in the UK, with my partner and our son. We have recently become new parents, and I’m currently trying to balance being a mum, finding the time to read and also work on my own project!

A view from Par Beach, St Austell Bay